TouchWild’s roots are found deep in the Finnish forest. TouchWild is created by raw materials and authentic flavors found within the forest. The ripening and simmering of TouchWild take patience. Just as nature meant it to be this year: one spoonful at a time.

We do not mass produce. TouchWild is created by small batches of locally sourced, handpicked ingredients. TouchWild’s unique products are produced without any rush, relentlessly following the season’s patterns, honoring the natural order of the forest.

TouchWild products are available in the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and in the Haltia webshop. Request for the offer; lets personalise your business gift together.

Products do not contain any food additives, preservatives or colorants.

Meadowsweet syrup

Filipendula ulmaria

Ingredients: Meadowsweet, sugar, water.

Operating tips

Meadowsweet is not suitable for a person with a salicylate allergy.

Pine shoot syrup

Pinus sylvestris

Ingredients: Pine shoot, sugar, water.

Operating tips


Spruce shoot syrup

Picea abies

Ingredients: Spruce shoot, sugar, water.

Operating tips  


Cranberry syrup

Vaccinium oxycoccos

Ingredients: Cranberry, sugar, water

Operating tips

Willowherb syrup

Chamaenerion angustifolium

Ingredients: Willowherb, sugar, water

Operating tips

Sea buckthorn salt

Hippophae rhamnoides

Ingredients: Sea buckthorn, sea salt

Operating tips

Porcini salt

Boletus edulis

Ingredients: Porcini, sea salt

Operating tips

Chanterelle salt*

Cantharellus cibareus

Ingredients: Chanterelle, sea salt

Operating tips

* Available only from the producer

Our story

The story of TouchWild began when Tero Pullinen decided to combine his field guide knowledge with his gastronomic skills to create this lifestyle. The outcome was a surprise, tasty mouthfuls created in the Finnish forest, a new flavor profile. Dozens of seasonings so unique that one may become dependent on them.

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Tips on how to use the products

One can never know what tomorrow might bring. A wild and spontaneous idea can become an original for yourself, as we all our own individuals. No-one else is justified in telling you what tastes good in your own mouth. Only you can know this, and this is the unquestionable truth.

I encourage you to use all the TouchWild products boldly and without prejudice!

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