TouchWild wants to be your guide to the roots of genuine experiences

TouchWild is an exquisite lifestyle product that can be easily bought as a gift or souvenir.

TouchWild’s experience is perfect for people who want to get back in touch with nature.

Be your own guide to the flavors of the forest!

Our roots are in the forest

TouchWild is locally sourced ingredients combined with meticulous handcrafting. TouchWild respects nature, this is why we have as many seasonings as there are growing seasons. Highest quality is in our core, we will only produce as much products as we can in a responsible manner. If the raw materials of the forest differ from year to year, we will naturally honor this fact.

Taste your roots!

We have values in our business

Locally sourced, handpicked ingredients, experiences created by unrushed processes. We will not mass produce these products: the seasons of our ingredients and small batches are at the core of TouchWild. The cornerstone of our operation is the wellbeing of the TouchWild community. How would you like to join our community?

Locally sourced in Finland, coordinated by the forest!

Our message is clear

Forest in a tiny can. Why fuss about it!

TouchWild products are available in the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and in Haltia webshop as well as in Suomenlinna Centre Shop in Suomenlinna fortress and in K-supermarket Mustapekka. Request for the offer from the producer or +358503728399. Products do not contain any food additives, preservatives or colorants.